Dillon Gilbertson
Dillon Does Comics




Some Basics

When I was 6, I was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes when, during my times in the hospital, I discovered comics and others who shared a love of the medium. Now I live in San Diego, CA where I work as a Pulmonary/Sleep researcher.

Favorite Book: The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

Favorite Movie: Mean Girls

Writing Process: Write garbage until I find something of value, delete the garbage, run with the goods.

If you like some of what I have here and you have a project that needs a writer, send me a message and I'd love to talk about it. Big or small, I'm always looking for new projects.

How I Started Writing

My first attempt at writing comics was in 2009 when I was taking a college course on genetics. One day after class, I was joking with some friends about the possibility of attaching animal parts to humans to give them special abilities. Long story short, that's how Bear Arm Baby was born.

It isn't my best work. It may actually be downright bad. But it gave me a taste of being a comic book creator and I loved it. Classes then became back-alleys to story ideas; learn something exciting and running in the wrong direction with it (comics).

And now here I am, writing all the comics I can and getting them made when I can afford it.