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Bear Arm Baby

 Bear Arm Baby

Comedy/My First Attempt at Comics (10 Posts)

Co-Writer/Co-Creator: Dillon Gilbertson; Co-Creator: Mike Sweeney; Co-Creator/Co-Writer/Artist: Amber DePerro

Born from exceedingly implausible events (thanks to the worst doctor/nurse duo ever), Bear Arm Baby (BABs) is a tale as old as time. The ol’ “infant born with the intelligence of an adult, the arms of a grizzly bear, literal razors for claws, and a laser-pointer for an eye has to learn balance between his humanity and his violent, animal nature” chestnut. While the story has been on indefinite hiatus since 2010 with only 10 posts to its name, please enjoy the entirety of what we have so far.

It’s guaranteed to be either the best or worst thing you read all day.