Dillon Gilbertson
Comic Book Writer

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Grand Design

This is a strange comic. Not just in story, but in form as well. It is/was a playground for myself as a writer and for my best friend, the artist Max Malcomb, to get a handle on how “real” comics were made. I was still learning how to script and craft a story while he was still learning layouts and how to size everything. We were lucky enough to find a great up-and-coming inker in Wati Itcham and a professional colorist in Luca Romano; both of whom became great friends of ours in the process.

I’ve written 8 full issues so far and we’ve put together around 20 completed pages (without letters); none of which are ready to see the light of day. We also have several concept pages done and a couple covers, but it was all for the sake of growth. Max and I really cut our teeth on this story and it helped us both become better at our craft.

We worked on this comic for +3 years and built an incredible world with quite a story to tell within it. While Max and I are still best friends, he has since moved on to bigger and better things; resigning as the comics’ artists and the project sits, indefinitely, in limbo.

I’m not sure what will become of this passion-project, including the other pages we produced, but here I present the first 3 pages.

Infinity #1 Page 1.jpg
Infinity #1 Page 2.jpg
Infinity #1 Page 3.jpg